Coaching Programs

Business Performance Optimization

We help business owners and executives strive for growth and focus time and energy on what matters the most to build a business that is firmly founded on a stable base of a sound strategy, a talented team and intelligent internal controls.
The bottom line is that we’ll guide you through concrete action steps you need, along with providing you the support and accountability structure, to take your business to the next level.
We’ll start off each quarter with a Strategic Planning Intensive to map out the quarter, then coach you weekly and bi-weekly to make sure you stay on track, execute on your plan, and get the results you want.
At the same time we’ll make sure that each quarter you make real progress in building out the systems, team and controls you need to grow your business and help you define your future!

Executive Development Workshops

The importance of a leader’s message can only be effective when followers commit to it. Great leaders are those who have been proven and trusted to serve the people that they lead.
This is why a great leader will first be seen as a servant because that is what is demonstrated by nature from the inside.  This emerging moral principal is increasingly becoming the main force shaping group relationships and the new way forward that is setting the standard in organizations of the future.
Together in monthly workshops, executives meet to uncover areas of leadership growth opportunities.
Workshop topics:
Learning to be a better leader
Leading and developing others
Transformational leadership
Exploring Behaviour
What is Emotional Intelligence?
Dissonant leadership & it’s impact on people
Self awareness

One on One Coaching

No one really needs a coach, however, many of the highest achievers have a coach or mentor guiding them along the way.  Whether you’re an athlete, educator, or business leader, the benefits of coaching can go a long way.  Our program takes a holistic approach – it goes way beyond business.  Our clients experience what we call “inside-out” change, which is lasting and positively impacts both their personal and professional lives.
Topics: Accurate self-assessment
Frustrations at work
Negative self talk & emotions
Personal strengths & opportunities

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