Outsourced Sales & Inventory Planning

Accurate Forecasting + Open-to-Buy Management

What makes one retailer more successful than the other? Simple, better product and better planning. The ability to accurately forecast and satisfy future customer demand is what differentiates the best performing retailers.

D&D offers an affordable solution: Outsourced inventory planning with superior forecasting and planning capability at a low fixed monthly cost. Reality check

Navigating today’s retail environment leaves little margin for error. If you think your POS merchandise software, or an excel spreadsheet planning tool can optimize your sales and inventory profitability, it’s time to reconsider.

These tools can only reflect historical sales and inventory data. In some cases, they can replenish based on current selling. However, they can not forecast sales and they can not accurately predict future customer demand. This is where we can help.

Placing you in control

D&D’s outsourced inventory planning solution takes a bottom-up approach by classification at the store level, using a sophisticated Open-to-Buy platform. The platform is forward thinking, adaptable and highly predictive. It lets you know in advance that your inventory purchases will satisfy customer demand and maximize return on inventory investment.

The platform is built on over twenty years of proprietary algorithms and databases that enable us to accurately analyze and project each store’s performance at the classification level. It produces sales and profit plans by category and location with a track record of over 90% accuracy. The result is a business with higher margin revenue, and less cash sitting in inventory.

Profit by classification

Our strategy is to manage each classification as its own unique profit center. We use detailed IMU, markdown, and turnover analysis to support revenue and margin expansion.

Plans are developed by store and classification, because each has a unique:

  • Sales pattern
  • Seasonality
  • Turnover and profit potential
  • Optimal flow of receipts
  • Demographic
  • Industry standard to measure against

By drilling down and accurately forecasting to this level, our planning platform ensures your inventory investments are in step with your customer.

Profitable partnership

Our platform improves profitability by superior forecasting and planning. Each sales forecast and inventory plan is reviewed by a trained analyst, and then by a merchandise expert before presenting it to your team in a regularly scheduled planning meeting. In these meetings, we walk through the numbers and construct an action plan by category that your team can embrace and profitably execute

Affordable solution

Sales forecasting and sophisticated Open-to-Buy planning is a highly specialized area of expertise. Large chain retailers make significant capital investments and have an entire in-house staff trained to manage this business. D&D offers a more affordable solution: Outsourced planning with superior forecasting and planning capability at a low fixed monthly cost.

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