Product Development

Margin Building + Proprietary Brands

D&D provides contract buying and proprietary brand development services that improve margin performance and keep your customers coming back for more.

Strategic Buying Services

Every season starts with product selection. And, meeting your profit potential begins with selecting and sourcing the right product.

We offer contract buying services that deliver high-margin, quality product offerings in step with your customer. Our buying services provide:

  • Minimum 60-70% IMU
  • Quick product fill-in
  • Key items
  • Reduced cost of inventory
  • North American vendor base

Buying services are designed to compliment your buying team’s efforts, and reduce the cost and frequency of buying trips. Delivery lead times are fourteen to sixty days.

Proprietary Brand Development

Whether you are a regional independent looking to brand your own tee shirts, or a national multi-door introducing your own line of jeans, significant margin can be built through proprietary brand development. D&D has the expertise to identify and launch margin-rich proprietary brand opportunities.

Not to be confused with a private label or a promotional product, a proprietary brand is a product with the same, or better, quality as the branded product you already offer. Our proprietary brand development services provide:

  • A unique look exclusive to you
  • IMU that you control
  • Improved growth and profit potential
  • An exclusive marketing tool
  • Customer recognition that captures market share

Your exclusive proprietary brand sets you apart from your competition, builds margin, and keeps your customer coming back for more.

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