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Inventory Performance

What makes one retailer more successful than the other? The ability to accurately forecast and satisfy customer demand is what makes the difference.
Merchandise Intelligence that critically plans the right product at the right time.. Retail Orbit, is a “best in world” cloud based proprietary outsourced solution.
We partner with Management One, and Retail Orbit, who have successfully planned 3,500+ retailers in North America for over 35 years.
We work with retailers who want to grow, want data to make decisions, want financial security and peace of mind, and have fear of missing out.
What sets up apart:
1. Data – High tech | High touch
2. We play offense – Balance merchandise flow and sales prediction
3. Retail 1st – We are Merchants who get results

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Retail Consulting 

Identifying Areas for Improvement:
An expert eye with an outside and objective perspective can often uncover areas for improvement that escape the attention of the people closest to the business. Working with management, D&D has the expertise that helps identify areas for improvement and recommend changes to enhance performance.
Provide Objective guidance:
We provide objective guidance that challenges the status quo, identifies areas for improvement, and produces recommendations geared to improve revenue growth and cash flow performance.
Consulting services menu:
Review strengths, obstacles, opportunities and threats
Review product development, merchandise and sourcing strategies
Review vendor performance and accountability
Review sales and inventory planning
Review strategy, structure and talent
Review short term and longer term goals

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Interim Management

At times a company needs more hands-on support to restore performance, manage the day-to-day, or take performance to the next level.
Working with business leader/owner depending on need to:
Stabilize operations and implement new controls
Determine strengths, obstacles, opportunities and threats
Develop a strategic plan to improve margins and revenue growth
Manage merchandise, inventory planning and store operations
Develop a shared vision focused on growth and profitability
In depth talent assessment
We also attend meetings with investors and Board of Directors to help articulate the company’s strategy and walk through operating results.

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